Rent a prestige car for any occasion you want to make special

Drive your dream. A dream come true in your hands. A steering wheel that slowly slips between your fingers. A foot that leads to a powerful accelerator and brakes gently hundreds of horses thundering.A sound that reaches your ears and wake up dormant senses, a shiver down the spine and the whole body.

Zicarsport is this and a thousand other feelings !!!

 Rental Car TEST DRIVE starting from 100.00 EUR

We want to offer an innovative concept on the rental market Supercar. We will offer  the opportunity to experience an emotional drive  to al exotic enthusiast for  a competitive price driving on  urban or suburban street .

The customer can chose to drive 10 ‘ or the whole day, along a planned route  under the supervision of a co-pilot .


Comparing daily, weekend and long term rentals. Request a quote


To make your wedding day even more special  rent a exotic car!

With or without driver, as you want. It will be even more memorable. Request a quote